V 2:80 Question

The update includes, “Added ability for connected inReach Remote devices to use SOS Quick Text messages.”

what does that mean?


  • inReach remote refers to remote control via an ANT+ device such as a fenix watch. (Not all Garmin watches have this feature).

    IIRC, in SOS mode, your quick text messages automatically change to a special set of messages which are relevant in a rescue scenario. I assume, but do not know for sure, that this point means that you can send those messages from the remote control device instead of having to do so directly from the Mini.

    You'd have to call tech support to be certain.

  • I tested this out and it works how describes. With your inReach Mini paired to a compatible watch or handheld with the inReach Remote Widget, during an active SOS you're given the option on the watch to send a pre-written quick text message along the lines of "I'm in an emergency situation, please send help . . ." from your watch/handheld rather than having to send the message directly from the inReach Mini. Pairing the inReach Mini for the inReach Remote Widget