A Litany of InReach Mini Woes: MAJOR LIMITATION!!

Apologies for the caps and exclamation points, but I think this is >>really<< important.

I've been having a ton of problems getting my Mini to send text messages reliably. I just heard from a tech support person that there is a known problem with AT&T rejecting text messages that include the map/location link which the Mini sends along with the text messages. The net result? The message vanishes into hyperspace, and no indication of a problem ever gets back to the Mini.

This is a huge deal, IMHO, and not just because AT&T happens to be my cell phone provider. Many people use AT&T...and there is no indication, anywhere that I found online, that the Mini does not work "reliably" with AT&T. Frankly, had I known this I would never have purchased the Mini, because I'm not about to switch cell phone providers just to humor a piece of add-on hardware.

Tech support did tell me that you can send messages to an email address, and those work "without issue" (no offense, but at this point given all the other glitches, problems, etc., I've run into with Garmin and the Mini I'm not sure I trust anything they say). I've sent one message via email, which got through, and will try some more to see how "reliable" this work around is.

Interestingly, the Earthmate app is configured >>not<< to include "include location" when sending messages...yet that one successful email included a link to my location (which is also apparently the link you have to use to send a reply to my Mini) anyway. Documentation not consistent with actual operation; par for the course.
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