Explore states "Location not available for this message"

My partner just sent a message that I received in email form and via Explore app on my phone and Explore on my laptop,

When I tried to view the location by click "Map" tab the app said: "Location not available for this message"

When I click the link in the email message I got the map view of the earth and the message but no location information.

When I logged into the Garmin Explore site used it to view the message contents I saw the text of the message but it says "No location data available".
I verified that a location link was requested. I just added to put in the longitude latitude into the email in case she sends another message.

Any ideas why this happened?

  • If the message was sent via the app (Explore or Earthmate according to the device model), it’s possible to suppress the location in the message. This is controlled by tapping the “pin” next to the box where you type the message. Easy to do by accident. Also, the current state is not always obvious, especially in earlier versions of the apps.