Approach X40: No swings registered

My approach used to be basically worthless, apart for measuring distance to the green, since I couldn't connect it to my Huaweii phone.

Recently I got it updated and the connection to the phone now works. But instead, it never registers any hits at all. Not a single swing during a whole round of golf.

If I use the measuring tool I can see that it occasionally resets the counter when I swing. So somehow, it does detect the swinging motion. But even after that, if I check the "recent hits" (I don't know exactly what it says in english, it's in swedish), there's a 0 on every single line. And still NOTHING has been counted in the end of the game.

Is there anything I can do about it? This is so sad, because the clock seemed so nice but it hasn't worked a single time since I bought it.