Software 6.2 watch no longer prompts for score, nor does it change holes automatically

I understand that version 6.2 is purported to prompt for score after leaving the green and heading to the next hole.

However, this rarely works. I will often complete a hole, and then carry on to the next hole and even after hitting my tee shot and going to my approach (over 200 yards from the previous hole's green -- which the watch says I am still playing), and the watch still does not prompt for score of the previous hole.

It is extremely annoying to have to manually navigate through menus and enter my score and, then more menus to change to the next hole before and after each hole.

Is there a fix for these bugs that were introduced in 6.2? Is there an option to return it to the old functionality that actually worked reliably?

  • Same issue here. Super annoying and has happened several rounds at different courses. It has to be fixed.

  • I have same issue and am on 6.30 now so doesn't look like it is fixed. I have reset the watch as well now. It happens on several courses so it is not a course issue of changing hole locations.

  • Is there some way to revert back to the old firmware / software ?

  • I have had the same issue, I’ve been looking in to it and they say if you have ‘big numbers’ set on the watch this is what the problem is, I’ve yet to play a round to test this but I hoping it works as it’s really annoying at the moment 

  • That's not it. I don't have big numbers set.

  • Here is what I have found so far. If I stay on the fringe of the green (the flag was in the front or some other reason), the auto hole change doesn't happen and I have to manually change. Seems as long as it things you have been on the green, it will auto change. If it doesn't, it assumes you are chasing down a ball still from that hole.

    It seems to be the only pattern I have found. The big numbers was not on for me either so that was not the root cause for my issues.

  • There used to be an icon that allowed the ability to quickly enter score when on the greens, but this does not seem to be there anymore.

    This was necessary because the watch will VERY rarely prompt for the score when leaving a green and proceeding to the next hole

    Now I again have to navigate to the scorecard to enter scores, and then manually change to the next hole before continuing.

    This watch is becoming an expensive paperweight...

  • When I walk to the next hole without entering a score for the previous hole, the watch will vibrate and prompt me to enter a score. I’ve not found this to be a failure. It works every time. Did I like the old way ? Yes, but I’ve gotten used to this. Just click on the pencil when you’re on the green. 

  • That's my point. 

    The pencil is no longer there when I'm on the green. If i want to record my score, I have to click on the menu, go to the scorecard, click the hole, enter a score, then open another menu, change the hole to the next hole, and repeat the process for 18 holes.

    Only one time out of 18 holes did it prompt for a score when completing a hole and going to the next tee. And it no longer shows the pencil when I'm on the green, so I have to do the above steps. This is a large course and the holes aren't on top of each other or anything either.

    I'll have to experiment next time with changing the settings around like "big numbers" because it seems that their software is a mess. Maybe certain combinations of settings have unintended effects, because I believe I've been on version 6.3 before and had it work fine enough. It didn't prompt for score, but it at least had the pencil pop up when I was on the green