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Manual that came with watch only deals with the golf features and pairing.

1. I am running both Garmin Connect and Garmin Golf apps. Do they play nice or are there conflicts for control when both are running

2. My issue is I dont know if my watch and phone have Sync'd. In the Golf app Upper right corner is Sync Now. My phone is paired and confirmed in the app but the upper right has Sync Now. I press the Sync button on my watch and both the watch and Golf app whirl around. The app now changes from Connected to Syncing and back to Connected. But still shows Sync Now. There is no indication of what is being sync'd or if it has been completed.

Can someone clear this up for me


  • Hello,

    You will sync your saved Golf scorecards through the Golf APP on your smartphone. The scorecard goes to Garmin Connect online to be viewed on your tablet or computer at Garmin Connect. The scorecard then goes back to your Golf APP to be viewed on your smartphone.

    Your watch and the APPS on your smartphone have only synced if there is something to sync. You can manually sync the way you have described through the Garmin Connect Mobile APP but unless there is a new firmware software update to be sent to your Approach S40 or a saved scorecard not yet synced to Garmin Connect, you are syncing nothing. The APPS are just going through the motion.

    Happy New Year!