Two shots registered from the same location

I have been using the CT10 sensors on all clubs for a few rounds now and what I have noticed is that sometimes they register a second shot from the same location but this second shot has 0 distance and no club selected.  It happens maybe 4 or 5 times per round.  If I catch it. I can adjust the score card and remove the extra shots later but if I miss it the score card can't be changed later and it messes up the score card.

It would be good to be able to edit or remove these shots completely from the watch when they occur.

  • I've seen this on occasion, but not 4 or 5 times a round.  Does it happen on all clubs?  I only have CT10's on my driver, sand wedge, and putter.  I believe I only see this issue on my sand wedge, but that doesn't say much with my limited CT10's.