Problems with scorecards recording and possible solutions being added to Garmin Connect

When adjusting the scores/clubs using Garmin Conect on a PC there is no way to record lost ball situations or unplayable lies so the shots recorded show a lot of 'Out of Bounds' as that is the only way to record hitting from a place that is not where the previous shot landed.  Can you add these situations and show penalty shots on the scorecard where they are added by making that a 'club' that can be selected with its own drop down list to show what the penalty is for.  Even if it cannot be added to the watch it would be useful to add into Connect for all watch users.

A second problem is playing a shot from the next tee before completing the score from the previous hole.  It upsets the mapping for the previous hole and loses the tee shot too when you correct it.  As the GPS position is known could it be possible to select the shot and transfer it the correct hole manually?

Can you also add the longest and average distances for each club (menu option Club Performance) that my Android phone enjoys - Garmin Golf version 1.28.5 - onto the PC and Android pad apps.  My pad has Garmin Golf 1.5.1 and does not have the report.   My PC version (Connect) is Version4.31.2.1, and also has no trace of Club Performance.

Your views would be appreciated.