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  • Errors Tagging People

    Last edited by AgentDBCooper; 11-11-2018, 03:14 PM.

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    AgentDBCooper Yep, this has come up several times before. You have to make sure tags stay as plain text until you press Post.

    The trick is you cannot let the editor "auto-complete" the tag (with the box that pops up). On a computer, press ESC or click anywhere else. On mobile (this is trickier in some cases), tap somewhere else. It helps if you type additional text before tagging the person, so you have somewhere else to tap.

    After you post, the plain text tag will automatically converted into a real tag (it will become a link and the user will be notified.)

    If you edit a post that contains a tag, you have to delete it and re-type it as plain text, otherwise the edit won't be accepted. Same probably goes for replying to a post that has a tag.

    Looks like they have no motivation to fix this or all the other issues in the forum, even though this is where we come to provide free support for Garmin products, in many cases. Then again, considering that many companies are just shutting down forums completely, in favour of FB groups (>_>), at least we have forums....
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      AgentDBCooper no worries!

      Sorry, I should've added that if a tag is the only thing that appears on a line, then it often won't work (as in your post above.) (The user won't be notified and it won't turn into a link).

      I'd say it's more that the forum has wayyy too many features (2 ways to add a link, 3 ways to add photos) and none of them work properly. The form of this forum is awful too (just try it on a phone -- there's a ton of wasted space on each post). Too bad, since there's modern forums like nodebb, even in this age when most discussions have moved to reddit and other social media.

      Imagine a forum that works and looks good on mobile and desktop. It exists, but I doubt Garmin will ever switch:


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        AgentDBCooper Just testing. I have been inconvenienced by this "feature". When you say "plain text" , what does that imply?
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          RaceQs By "plain text" I mean anything that's just letters, numbers or symbols without formatting. Like code in any programming language -- the IDE may display different colours/etc., but actual code is plain text. Or anything you could print to the console/debugger in any programming language. Or anything you could type only using your keyboard.

          For example, if it's a link you can click on (like @-mentions or URLs), it's not plain text. If it's an image, not plain text. If it's a smilie (in these forums), it's not plain text. (Real emojis could count as plain text, though.)

          For example, the forum turns plain text like:
          h ttps://
          into clickable links (or it would if I didn't have the space there).

          You can click on the actual link, but not the plain text. Links have a similar issue in the forums where the forum will shorten the display text of a long link with "...". If you try to edit a post with links like that, you'll find that you have to delete the link and re-enter it as plain text, same as with @-mentions. Sometimes, even links that weren't shortened will have the same problem.

          Basically, anything that forum formats after the fact (smilies, links, @-mentions) by converting from plain text to formatted text can cause issues on posting/editing.
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