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Instinct – 2.77 Beta Release

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  • Instinct – 2.77 Beta Release

    Hello Instinct users,

    We have new beta software ready for your upcoming adventures!

    Please read the 'notes' and 'installation instructions' in the 'Updates and Downloads' page found in the link below. We look forward to your feedback!


    Note: Please allow for the updates to propagate across all servers. There is no need to post that the link does not work. It will after a bit of patience.

    2.77 Change Log Notes:
    • Made improvements to timer feature.
    • Fixed an issue where the barometer trend line always stayed flat.
    • Fixed an issue where the pool swim lengths data field would not update.
    • Added UTC offset to time zone setup menu.

    Please send all bug reports to: [email protected]

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    Descent MK1: SN:5AL00xxxx, FW 6.00, DSP 2.20, GPS 4.40, BLE/ANT/SNS 6.10, WiFi 2.40, CIQ 2.4.1, HRM RUN 6.60

    Instinct: SN:UM01xxxx, FW 2.92b, GPS: 3.10, BLE/ANT/SNS: 1.10,


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      How often roughly is the official software released, not the beta?


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        Thank you for the Beta.

        Found the quicktimer ! Neat !

        I got airplane logo on top of the barometer value. What does it mean ?


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          Does it mean that 2.76 released? I have auto update enabled, but I am still on 2.6


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            Originally posted by gobozov View Post
            Does it mean that 2.76 released? I have auto update enabled, but I am still on 2.6
            No It doesn’t. Next stable version will be based on few beta versions.


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              Quick timer is buggy and I have sent a quick report to the Beta team.

              Set to 3 minutes it goes to 00:00 immediately....

              Unless there is a time warp, it is buggy. :-)

              I have turned off and on (thanks IT Crowd for the tip!!) the watch and now it looks like it works fine again.
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                Yeah new quick timer doesnt seem to be working properly. Can't seem to set it.


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                  Eventually you need to set it twice for it to works... Buggy.


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                    I've tried to set it twice and both times the watch has locked up needing a restart.


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                      I also can confirm the problem with the timer.

                      1st time it doesn't work, shows 00:00
                      Going back in the menu and setting it up again works.

                      I tried with 1min and 2min and in both cases the timer worked.

                      So far no random crashes after getting it to work though 2 tries is not a proper sample. Will test it more in the next days.


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                        Thanks for the update. The barometer trend arrow still does not move for me. Pressure here in the UK has been raising for the past 12 hours from 1022 to 1028 hPa.

                        After restarting my watch the barometer trend started working. Something that should be noted, calibrating the barometer will reset the trend arrow. Activities may also reset the trend arrow if Settings->Sensors & Accessories->barometer->Watch Mode is not set to barometer.
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