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Noobie question: waypoints and course

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  • Noobie question: waypoints and course

    So, this is really a noobie question. From BaseCamp I can create a course and I can create waypoints. I can import both of them on my Instinct.

    Of course, when I navigate the course I can see the waypoints into my map.

    But how can I insert waypoints INTO a course, so that, during navigation of a course, I can use data fields like

    Distance To Next: The remaining distance to the next waypoint on the route.

    ETA at Next: The estimated time of day when you will reach the next waypoint on the route

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    When you select the course you want to do on the Instinct, you get into a menu: "Do course", "Map", "Elevation profile", ... (not sure about the exact labels in english)
    And you can choose "Modify course". The instinct may tell you that it must create a copy, then just click ok.

    Then you can add waypoints and reorder points of the course. However it might be painfull to find the right position where to insert a waypoint among many anonymous points of the course...

    I have never used BaseCamp but in Explore you can directly insert the waypoints inside your course before importing it to your Instinct.