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Garmin fenix: Bugs FW 2.60

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  • Garmin fenix: Bugs FW 2.60

    Why is there no subforum for the fenix watch?

    i like the watch so far, but there are plenty of bugs...

    We should collect these in a thread....

    Here are a few to start with for FW 2.6:

    * Not all tracks show up in track list, see
    * When a track is displayed on the map (Menu/Tracks/Display/Show), you have to delete the track so the track will disappear after restart of the watch...
    * Only the nearest waypoinst (75 km) show up in track list (Menu/Tracks)

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    Exported gpx files do not contain the necessary track segments (trkseg), which are used to mark the points when a user pauses and unpauses an activity. The Forerunner series watches do this.


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      * Without turn on GPS, elevation always reset to previous calibrated value every 4 minutes (after the watch shows loading circle).


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        me too


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          Hey guys,

          Thanks for starting this thread. We are looking at these issues you are posting and working to fix as many of them as we can. Sorry we haven't been able to reply to each post with more details, but we wanted to let you know we are working on it and appreciate your efforts to let us know what needs to be improved. We will ask for more details as we need it.
          Adam Cloud


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            thanks for responding...
            i like the watch a lot, when you fix some of the bugs this will be a really good thing!

            i found an other good thread here
            or_watching is doing a good job there...

            maybe you and the fenix dev team will check this thread also, thx a lot!


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              Are there plans to incorporate the FOOTPOD into the Fenix line?


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                The rate of ascent/descent bounces around so much as to be nearly useless. The data values need to be smoothed somewhat.

                Also, others have pointed out that GRADE always reads 0.


                - Fred


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                  Originally posted by FREDECKS View Post
                  The rate of ascent/descent bounces around so much as to be nearly useless. The data values need to be smoothed somewhat.
                  You are probably right. But read this:


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                    Software version 2.60
                    Location: South Africa ( WAAS turned off)

                    Altitude calibration: I tried to do a manual calibration to change the value from -6m to 30m. It wouldn’t let me change the digits after I had changed to +ve elevation but would let me change the digits if I left it negative.

                    Ultratrac accuracy: I was running a trail race that I expected to last about 25 hours so I selected ultratrac and a 20 second recording interval. I first looked at the distance after about 2.5 hours and it read 25km when it should have been about half that. I then kept observing the distance and it seemed to increase at about the right rate for about 1.5 hours so I assumed that it had got one recorded point way out and that had added to the distance. After this, it deteriorated and the distance added up far faster than reality. I eventually stopped after about 60km where the watch was reading 88km. When I looked at the gpx track later I saw that it was jumping all over the place which is where the additional distance was coming from. In the region where I thought that it was quite accurate, it was sticking to the path quite closely.
                    MATT track.jpg
                    The blue line is the recorded track which jumps around a lot and the thick brown line is the path that I was running along.

                    HR readings: I was lucky if I was getting a reading every 5 minutes. This is not the watch’s problem as it works perfectly when I use the strap from my polar.


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                      I has load my custom POI waypoints to fenix (POI Loader). I don't see bmp icon in map. Small rectangle only. It's bug or it's feature for fenix watch software. (2.6 version)


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                        Originally posted by SARNILA View Post
                        You are probably right. But read this:
                        I understand, but I had a Suunto Ambit which was able to give me very smooth and useful rates of ascent/descent. The Fenix will show 82.9 feet/min, then 0.0, then 63.2, then 10.9, etc. each second or so. It's rather pointless. I sure hope the next firmware update will improve this!


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                          I am using firmware version 2.6
                          Under Tracks / Fit History I am not able to delete the records. I have to manually delete the fit files when connected by USB as a mass storage device
                          I had the tracks output as fit files only, when I sent a track from Basecamp, It was not listed under tracks, I think it was visible only after I changed the output to fit/gpx and recorded a small test track