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Basecamp crashes when transferring to Fenix 5x

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  • Basecamp crashes when transferring to Fenix 5x

    Garmin Basecamp wrote some VERY large (105 GB in total over 5 or so files) called usrxxx-xx-xx (where xx represents apparently random numbers) to:
    This seemed to occur in relation to 'sending to' a number of waypoints to the Fenix 5x watch. Basecamp stalled in the process and eventually the disk started reporting being full.
    I stopped Basecamp and after a few hours searching found the large files where indicated. It looks like whilst 'stalled' Basecamp was actually continuously writing away to the local disk!

    Oh, as an added bonus it crashes the watch too. Stays stuck on the 'charging' screen even after you remove it from the usb. Have to give it the 'hold light button for 15 seconds" to turn it off, wait a few seconds, hold 'light' button for a few secs to get it to come back on again.

    Fenix 5x s/w version is 10.0
    Basecamp version is 4.6.2 so I updated it to 4.7
    Running on Windows 10.
    Now, instead of hanging, Basecamp 4.7 often (but not always) crashes when I try to 'send to' waypoints the Fenix.
    (And yes, I replaced the faulty Mapinstall 4.2.0 with 4.4.0 in the Basecamp, not that I think that had anything to do with it...) See for why I did that.

    This crash doesn't happen when I send waypoints to my other Garmin device (Dakota 20)
    It didn't happen when I sent some tracks to the Fenix either. Just waypoints, apparently.

    This also didn't happen with the previous versions of Fenix 5x software. I had transferred a lot of waypoints to it not so long ago without problems, when it was version 9.something. I don't remember any such problems then.
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    Return back to Basecamp version is 4.6.2. The last versión is not working properly. A lot of users reported the same problem.


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      Originally posted by grosdos View Post
      Return back to Basecamp version is 4.6.2. The last versión is not working properly. A lot of users reported the same problem.
      Thanks for that advice grosdos, but as I said, it was Basecamp 4.6.2 that gave me the initial problem with HUGE files filling up my disk on the PC whilst trying to send waypoints to the Fenix. Sure 4.7 appears almost as bad, but going back to 4.6.2 won't help me. (unless I also roll back the Fenix as well). Basecamp 4.6.2 worked OK with the Fenix before 10.0. I'll see what happens when the version after 10.0 settles down.


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        However, what does still work is using Basecamp (probably most versions) to make a list with the desired waypoints and tracks in it, then exporting that to a GPX and manually copying it into the Fenix->garmin->NewFiles directory. Then when you take the Fenix off the USB it loads the tracks in the GPX file to its list of courses and the waypoints to its 'saved locations' list and so I can do things this way.

        Sad that we have to use these workarounds, but you know what they say. Sell a $50 watch with broken software and it's the manufacturer's problem, but sell a $900 watch with broken software ecosystem and its the buyer' problem...
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