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Music in Fenix 5x

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  • Music in Fenix 5x

    Does anyone uses the new music directly to earphones feature on 5x? Any experience to share?

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    That feature is only on the 5x Plus not the regular 5x. That said, I use it on my 5x Plus (upgraded from a 5x). I like it quite a bit.


    • #3
      5x supports CIQ 3.0 and there is support of music: Music – In CIQ v3.0, we have opened the audio/music APIs so any third party can create and upload an audio or a music app to the CIQ app store.
      It means that it is not valid for 5x, although it supports CIQ 3.0?


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        Correct. the music functions of CIQ v3.0 do not apply to the 5/5s/5x watches.

        The watches lack the regular BT hardware required for headphone connections (from what I understand)


        • #5
          CIQ3 allows writing music provider apps but ONLY for devices that support music. The plus devices, the 645m (not the 645) the va3m (not the va3) and the D2 Delta devices (when they get CIQ3).

          There is specific HW needs.
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