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Errors during sync

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  • Errors during sync

    I am not sure if this is a Fenix 5x problem or Garmin Connect but here it is anyhow... This happens to me every time I sync. I get the error and if I tell GC to sync again, it syncs fine. I sync again I get the error again and so on and so on. I called Garmin and they had no idea. The watch is on version 10, GC and I am on a MacBook Air...
    I have restarted the watch, I have reset the watch, I have taken it out of GC and added back ok, I don't have another Fenix 5x on my account, I verified this is default activity device.

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    Any chance you can try on another PC or Mac to at least rule out your computer?
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      I don't have another one handy that I can use though that is an option. I did use different USB ports but I don't think that makes a difference.


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        I have the very same problem and have had so since I got the watch, apparently is a common fault.


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          it magically went away for me last week for some reason that I cant explain :/