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Flashlight issue via hotkeys

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  • Flashlight issue via hotkeys

    Hallo fw Team,

    the sw 10.00 (and etablier Beta sw) are also having the flashlight bug (like fenix 5plus series) if you put the flashlight on a hotkey (with control menu it is working).

    I think it is already reported, but to be sure...
    In use: fenix 5x, oregon 550t

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    Same for me to! If I have the flashlight set up with hotkeys, the light get dimmed right away.
    This will not happen if I select the flashlight form the controll (hold the light button)

    The flashlight hot key function is very nice and much useful! So please fix this!


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      Same issue on my tactix charlie with v10.00


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        Just tested......

        Sometimes flashes at 100% for a brief moment at first ( not always)...but instantly changes to a dimmer setting.....yes I see the same issue/bug with the hotkey function.

        Fenix 5x beta 10.51
        GPS 2.20
        display 2.83
        wi fi 2.40
        CIQ 3.0.1
        BLE/ANT/SNS 6.20
        WHR 20.03.31
        Fenix 5x:::::::: Fenix 3hr:::::::::Vivoactive hr:::::::::Garmin nuvi:::::::::Garmin Tempe::::


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          Same problem here, I love the flashlight hot key. I was so happy when they finally added it from the fenix 1. Having it as a hot key is really the only way to go as looking at your watch to select it kills your night sight. I hope they fix this dimming problem soon as it’s starting to get darker faster here in MN.


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            Not a fix to the underlying issue, but closing one eye before looking a light source means yours night vision recovers a lot faster.


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              Software 11.00 on the tactix Charlie and still no fix.