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Software Version 10.00 Now Available! Phased Roll Out: 100%

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  • Software Version 10.00 Now Available! Phased Roll Out: 100%

    Software version 10.00 is now available. This software version is being rolled out and can be downloaded through Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express when available.

    08/10: Phased rollout: 100%

    Changes made from version 9.20 to 10.00:
    • Added support for Connect IQ SDK v3.0.
    • Added abnormal heart rate alerts. Enable these in Heart Rate widget > Heart Rate options >
    • Abnormal HR alert. An abnormal heart rate will be detected if your heart rate exceeds the entered threshold for an extended period of time while sedentary.
    • Added support for canned text replies when responding to text messages or incoming phone calls (Android users only).
    • Made improvements to pool swim distance accuracy.
    • Fixed an issue causing Cadence values to be 'stuck' when not pedaling.
    • Fixed an intermittent crash when viewing SwimRun activities.
    • Fixed an issue causing some activities performed on multiple devices to be double-counted when viewing Training Load on Physio TrueUp devices.
    • Fixed a rare issue which could cause the watch to restart at the end of certain workouts.

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