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Factory reset - steps counter

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  • Factory reset - steps counter

    It's happened to me twice now, if I factory reset my watch my steps aren't synced back to the watch for that that. For example Garmin connect has me on 13,000 but watch starts again from 0.

    It's only a minor bug for that day. Probably should just email this to Garmin

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    Please read this topic:


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      Shouldn't have backup as everything is synced via online.


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        Also if you have an older compatable Garmin can use that temporarily as your favorite tracker.( before resetting the 5x).all your steps calories etc..are transfered to the prefered tracker....then reset your 5x...when pairing with GCM again.....choose the 5x as the favorite tracker....then your basic calories steps floors etc....are transferred in favour to the " new" device.....
        Helps me whenever I get my watch replaced....or perform master resets.....might be useful info for someone with access to two Garmin's.
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