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Many holes in the HR chart

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  • Many holes in the HR chart


    after complaining about F5X (solved by a new piece of watch), I am getting a lot of holes in the HR chart. software versions. 9.71

    In front of this watch I used Vivoactive HR, F3HR and the last F5x and I never had so many holes.

    I use the same clock belt closed on the same hole. No difference in wear before complaints and after.

    Very common when I switch to the HR chart, I find that the watch does not measure and instead of the pulse show only "---"
    The same problem occurs during activity measurement, the watch hand is laid on the table without movement, the watch measures and measures, and suddenly does not show the heartbeat and then shows. They do not move at that moment, or they do not get out of hand.

    Does anyone know what could happen?


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    It looks like you may be wearing the watch over wrist. You don't want the watch to sit on the bones in your wrist. The watch should be a above (towards your elbow) the wrist. You could also try trimming or shaving those hairy arms.


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      I found that when wear long sleeves of not so thick material it sometimes gets a bit under the watch. When this happens I get holes in the graph too. A small lift from the wrist already disturbed the measurement