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5x sudden inexplicable reboot...

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  • 5x sudden inexplicable reboot...

    I've had my 5x for about a month and yesterday it started randomly rebooting for no apparent reason. It happened 3 times yesterday afternoon, not during any activity and not connected to any HR monitor or utilizing GPS. Just sitting in my house and riding in my car. It would start vibrating 3 times and the Garmin triangle would be in the middle of the screen. Half the top icon line of the Gearmin face would be cut in half but still there, and then the 5x would be back in action like nothing happened. No data lost and all connected to my phone. However I'm afraid that if this did happen during a run that it would be a disaster for time and distance. It happened all over again twice this morning for a total of at least 5 "reboots".
    Currently running on 9.71 beta. I performed a soft reboot this morning, about 2 hours ago and nothing new yet. I've attached a miscrosoft paint rendition of what it is I see.

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    Just did it again for the 3rd time this morning at 08:18 a.m.
    Soft boot did nothing.


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      Using a 3rd party watch-face on a beta release is more than likely going to be the cause. As part of the fault finding I would change to a native Garmin watch-face and see how it goes. If you still have problems you could revert back to a stable release of the firmware. If there is still an issue then I would contact Garmin support.


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        Have you sent an email to the Beta Team as per the instructions on the beta download site? You may or may not get a response (depending on whether they have seen the issue or need more data). As noted by kermi, I would get rid of the third party watchface. I'm running the beta and have had no issues with stability.


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          Kermi, thanks for the advise. I changed out to a stock face as soon as I read your post 5 hours ago and not any signs of a reboot since. So far so good...

          razmichael, Just sent an email to the beta team. Thanks for the heads up, never would have thought to let them know! I'm gonna miss all the detailed output of the Gearmin, but I'll take a watch that doesn't reboot whenever it wants to any day!


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            Just a small update, after switching to a stock face yesterday I've yet to have any sudden reboot issues.
            I just contacted the developer of Gearmin just to add to the list of those who might be in the need to know. I miss not having everything displayed on my watch face at one time, but I like not having a rebooting watch!