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Elevation errors after update to 9.20 from 8.00

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    Yes, I am on 9.2 as well and seeing similar issues. Hiking up Mt Baldy a couple of weekends ago it was 1000ft off on elevation when I got to 8600. I recalibrated and then did the rest and when I got to the top (about 10k) it was only at about 9300.

    I live at sea level, this morning I checked my altitude and I'm at 923ft. Altitude was one of the main reasons I bought this watch, to track elevation gain while climbing mountains. Hey, while we're at it can we get an altitude data field in the hiking activity?

    I have a 5X will the latest beta not fix my problems yet?


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      Latest beta should fix the issue. Btw I realized that issue only riding, hiiing was calculated properly on version 9.72 it was.


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        I Installed the beta on the F5X one week ago. Elevation is back to normal!!!!


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          Does anyone have the new stable 10.00 FW? Is the bug gone?! I'm really happy with the 10.51 beta FW.


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            10.52 has fixed the elevation issue too. Battery consumption also veery good. I keep that one with automatic update off.


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              I can confirm that the 10.52 update has the elevation fixed. Here are two sample sets of data as uploaded to Ride With GPS. Both rides are exactly the same route, the first one two days prior to the second.

              Recorded on update 10.00:


              Recorded on update 10.52:


              I want to thank everyone in this thread that mentioned 10.52. When I searched for Fenix updates I didn't find 10.52, only 10 but I was already on that version. I'm so glad to have proper elevation recording back. I received the update from 8 to 9.2 a day before I went on a 6 day cycling/camping tour in Virginia and the difference was painfully noticeable. I was pissed! If the battery life on 10.52 is all that it should be, I may never update again.


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                Did anyone test it with the released 10.00 FW?