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Turn by Turn on an uploaded GPX route???

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  • Turn by Turn on an uploaded GPX route???


    I have used my 5X now for a few routes. I'm doing a charity bike ride soon and uploaded the GPX provided by them and followed the map on the watch last week. It was pretty good.

    Today I tried a round trip route made on the watch which is a pretty nifty feature. This did the brilliant turn by turn feature including alerts showing distance to junctions etc.

    My question is, is there a reason the uploaded GPX route didn't do the same thing, and is there a way to make it do that?


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    Yep. I think Garmin Connect should generate turn cues for you but it does not. So this is a bug which I understand has been reported to Garmin but who knows when it will be fixed.

    You have basically two options:
    1) Set Routing option for the activity from "Follow Course" to "Use map". This means that the device will give you turn signals for the route and navigate you if you leave the route. Downside is that for long routes as is usual for biking loading the course takes a way long time. I have some take 8 minutes, some 13 minutes and some never seem to work. Also the battery level drops a lot during this "calculation".
    2) Create the route in software that allows TCX file format export with cues (e.g. RideWithGPS). Then use a third party tool ( to convert this TCX file to a FIT file. Then transfer the FIT file to your device using USB cable into the NewFiles folder. Unplug and now you have a route with cues which you can use in "Follow Course" mode.

    It sucks doesn't it.

    The complexity of creating any usable content for the mapping feature has been a big let down for me:
    - you can only create auto-generated round-trip courses in mobile app -> need to use third party apps to create custom routes
    - you can only manage saved locations in basecamp (desktop software) -> why not in mobile app?
    - no turn cues for courses in "follow course" mode -> a bug that does not get fixed
    - mobile phone does not participate in route calculation in "use map" mode
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      @PaganRuler, as I said in another thread last year Fenix 5X displayed turn-by-turn directions on courses. I always planned courses using the Garmin Connect website, and unfortunately I am not getting any TBT instructions from this year. Of course, I have routing set to 'follow course' as always. The problem is that last year the watch showed the distance to turn and the direction and it isn't showing these informations at the current season.

      @PersonalJeebus thx, I did not know that it could be done via third party apps, I will try.

      Thus, Garmin Connect or Garmin Mobile ignores cues, am I right? Or maybe Carmin Conncect course planning don't even save informations about cues?
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        Yesterday I created a new route on Garmin Connect and during the run this morning turn-by-turn worked again. Garmin seems to have fixed the bug. I had to update Garmin Express. Glad it works again.


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          OK guys, thanks. I'll try and have a go today with those methods


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            Maybe the file you were given didn't contain the turning info....
            follow course arrow directions...and distance to turn..... are back again in GC.

            Use map may work perfectly, or it may reroute your course, or display hundreds of blue pins saturating the map track...depending on where the course is.....even if the roads and paths are available on your chosen map it still may reroute you.
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              If you saved the activity you did last week......convert it in GC to a course.....tweak the gps trace if necessary....rename etc.....then send to should now get course arrow directions and distance to turn..
              Hope this helps..
              forgot to say.....use "follow course"
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