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    I am running 8.99 on my F5x and recently, as of Tuesday, it is now Thursday I have been unable to change my application favourites. On Tuesday they were changed and now I cannot change them back. I have tried on the watch but it does not stay. I have tried on my phone, a Windows PC and a MAC and they continue to revert so I think it is to do with the watch. I have also turned the watch off and on again.

    Anyone else?

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    Yeah, me too.

    In fact, I can't seem to find the applications that I had previously set to favourites anywhere via Garmin Connect. They are on my watch, but not accessible via the app.

    In addition to the loss of favourites, previously super-accurate heart-rate tracking for Strength training / General Cardio is now very inaccurate. All after one of the recent updates. Super disappointing.