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5X HRM Spike Issues

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  • 5X HRM Spike Issues

    Hi all, appreciate if anyone can help I have recently just installed the running power app with my HRM-Run strap. Everything went well for serveral runs, however when I switched back to default wrist optical hrm without using HRM-Run strap, my HRM reading has been spiking and increased to 30% higher than my usual reading. I have further testing using HRM-Run strap and the reading was normal. Has anyone experienced this before? is there any setting to calibrate optical HRM? thanks guys

    Fenix 5X APAC, FW7.70

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    The major user-controllable factors affecting wrist HR accuracy are watch positioning and tightness. The watch should be worn high on the wrist well away from the wrist bone (this is much higher than most people normally wear a watch), and the band should be snug so that it can't "bounce" on your wrist - I find I have to wear the band one notch tighter for running than I do for 24/7 monitoring.

    I have the running power data fields enabled, but I haven't noticed any change in OHR accuracy when I run without the HRM-Run strap.