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    Originally posted by BeachBumGeek View Post

    One thing I would recommend for the person considering the purchase. Get it from bestbuy and get the BB warranty. As I understand it, you can pretty much test drive for quite a long time and just return it if it doesn't meet your performance expectations. Elliptical HR failure to track accurately.jpg

    Thank you for this! I've been curious as to where the best place is to purchase the Fenix 5x or the 935 for the return policy. I have heard very good things about REI's return policy so I've been considering getting it from there with a warranty, but if Best Buy has a great warranty, I can easily pick that up better than I can receive it in the mail or return it in the mail to and from REI.


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      Originally posted by BeachBumGeek View Post

      Building on your points, here's a little more insight:
      So the thing about the barometer/altimeter is I understand that it will need calibration with weather changes and you are on the move. Garmin suggests I calibrate it once an hr! With what? The other bar barometer I carry in my back pocket? If it needs calibrating this often it should have a mode to actively ping gps to re-acquire your elevation. This would help keep it accurate to a tolerance I think most would accept or find meaningful. Not just during syncing during an active activity mode. With things like stairs.... my office is up 4 full flights. Garmin will usually register it as 1 or 2. I live in a 3 story townhouse and stairs be my life... I often see 1or 2 flights a day reported when while I am informally tracking 6-10.

      The thing about the wrist based HR is it's really good.... when it starts tracking. The problem is you never seem to know when it is that it will get a CORRECT lock or if it will keep it. As I tried to (poorly) explain, it always seems to grab some data, but you don't know when it's right unless you are constantly double checking.
      2 things,
      1. I calibrate my altimeter at least once a day when i start a GPS activity. Since yesterday afternoon it has drifted roughly 10-15 feet from my actual elevation. I happen to have another barometer in my pocket at all times (Galaxy S8+) with a pretty nice app (accurate altimeter) for pulling reference pressure from a small airport about 5 miles from my house so I keep an eye on this. 10-15 feet at an elevation of 5430ft isn't too bad for me. I don't think "every hour" is a requirement for keeping a reasonable calibration, but understand your frustration.

      2. What you are reporting for HR sounds like an issue of cadence filtering. Wrist based HR can be fantastic, but a lot of software work must be done to filter out all sorts of other noise. This noise can be cadence, light leakage from how the watch is worn, wet wrist, etc. With running, cadence and wrist movement is pretty consistent. I'd also say that Garmin has validated the filtering in that application much better than in an elliptical mode. They may have tried to apply the running corrections directly to all the other apps. In your case it clearly isn't working well. Hopefully they can figure it out and make the watch more useful for you.

      lastly, your advice about buying at a place that has a good return policy is excellent. REI does 90 days for electronics if you "just don't like it," but i've heard they do a full year for "warranty" type stuff. Best Buy with their additional warranty would probably have a better "no questions asked" type return policy. Either way, research the return policy and if the watch doesn't work out for your use case, you'll be thankful that you did.