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Software Version 8.00 Now Available! Phased Roll Out: 100%

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  • Software Version 8.00 Now Available! Phased Roll Out: 100%

    Software version 8.00 is now available. This software version is being rolled out and can be downloaded through Garmin Connect Mobile or Garmin Express when available.

    Sensor hub 5.80 is being rolled out at the same time.
    Display 2.8 is being rolled out at the same time.

    02/15: Phased roll out: 100%

    Changes made from version 7.60 to 8.00:

    Added support for a Sunrise & Sunset widget. Settings > Widgets > Add Widgets > Sunrise & Sunset.
    Added support for an Alternate Time Zones Widget. Settings > Widgets > Add Widgets > Alt. time Zones.
    Added a setting to display a calibration prompt when using a power meter. When using a Vector, this will also allow the user to set the power meter crank length. Menu > Settings > Sensors & Accessories > Power Meter > Calibration Prompt.
    Improved Bluetooth connectivity with Huawei phones.
    Improved the accuracy of resting heart rate measurements.
    Fixed an issue where the altitude on device wasn't accurate when using the Jumpmaster app.
    Fixed an issue where Flashlight would turn off when using gestures.
    Fixed an issue where Broadcasting Heart Rate was not working as expected, if accessed from the power controls menu.
    Fixed an issue where a ConnectIQ watchface would flash when downloaded using the Garmin Connect Mobile app and the device would revert back to a stock watchface.

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