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  • Receive Notifications without Alerts

    Is it possible for the watch to receive notifications but not alert me every time it receives one? I could not figure out a way to configure this in the settings. For example, when I'm playing golf, I'd like to be able to scroll through the notifications screen to see what messages I received, but I don't want the watch to make a tone or vibrate each time I receive a message, which can be annoying. Thanks.

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    It's a blanket setting. You cannot have it per app, all app will have the same setting.
    options are;
    - Activate Do not Disturb mode while playing. Your watch will not vibrate o send audio notification for incoming messages
    - set your notification to not vibrate for messages at all
    - if your recording activity during golf, set watch to not vibrate during activity


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      activating DND does the trick, thank you!