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Heart rate not tracking at start of activity

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    Same thing happens all the time to me, especially on the elliptical (in fact, I haven't had an elliptical workout without it happening):


    It also happens when playing badminton:


    It does NOT happen however when I run. I've only had my Fenix (5s) since December, so I only ran with it with long sleeves, entirely covering the device.

    Both elliptical and badminton are always with bare hand - the device is exposed to light. So my theory is that the cadence lock thing is real and Garmin needs to tweak their algorithms to better (quicker?) compensate for it or otherwise fix it.

    I don't believe the hardware is flawed as once HR properly locks (about 5-6 minutes into the exercise normally) - it seems to be working as expected.
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      For some reason it doesn't let me edit my post, so I'll post in here what I wanted to add - This is spanning multiple firmware versions. I'm currently at 8.0 and I've noticed no change of this behavior with any of the firmware updates.


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        Hey Garmin is anyone listening? This issue is approaching 3 months old!
        This weekend I lost another workout worth of data. Said my heart rate was 98 when it was 160. After 4 or 5 reboot/restarts the problem persisted. Though judging by these 5x forums, the number of issues, and the lack of timely response - I guess that's considered close enough in Garmins world.



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          I switched to using my HR strap most of the time. It’s more accurate anyway - even when the watch does eventually pick up.