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Only last training from training calendar is synced with my Fenix 5X

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  • Only last training from training calendar is synced with my Fenix 5X


    Maybe someone had this problem too and know how to solve it. I recently bought Fenix 5X (upgrade from my good old Fenix 3) and today I tried to sync my training calendar. When I tried to copy more than 15 trainings to my Fenix 5X it won't sync at all. And when I'm trying to sync 15 and less it says "synchronization complete", but on my watch I can see only last training from my calendar... Can someone help me? Firmware 7.60.

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    Problem not solved on firmware 8.00... Watch for 749,99€ and one basic feature, that worked on old fenix 3 just fine, can't be fixed in top of the top 5X? And nobody knows how to fix this? Come on... Tried to send calendar via garmin express on mac, garmin express on windows 10 and garmin express on iphone. App updated, system 7,60 updated to 8.00, none of this works, only last training from my calendar is synched...


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      Planned trainings (Calendar => ... => send calendar to device) or Training (trainings => send training to device)?
      I send always my planned trainings (added to the calendar) to my 5x and it works well.

      Start the Run and the planned training shows up.


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        Yeah this is kak. So when I schedule multiple events on the same day, there is an expectation that I'll do the workouts in the order I add them.

        So you see the one, complete that workout and then go to the next activity and you'll see the next workout.

        This is a bug and I hope Garmin fixes it.


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          But I can only see last training from my synched calendar... So when I plan my monthly training, I cant't see what I should do today or tommorow, but I can see what to do at the end of the month. It's ridiculous and completely useless...


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            My calendar has started to not sync with my planned training since today. Tried multiple ways to load my schedule to my watch, via bluetooth on the phone, over wifi and connected to the computer and using garmin express.