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Wahoo BlueHR not connecting to Fenix 5X

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  • Wahoo BlueHR not connecting to Fenix 5X


    I have a Wahoo Fitness BlueHR chest heart rate monitor. It's bluetooth only unlike their newer Tickr HRMs.

    When I try to add the BlueHR to my Fenix 5X, it finds the HRM during search and lists it among the available sensors. However, it says "not connected" in its status. When I ask the watch to connect, it tries for a while and then says "Could not connect". The heart rate on the watch reads 0 or nothing as a result.

    Ha anyone been successful connecting Fenix 5X to a bluetooth HRM?

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    Asked Wahoo Fitness. They said since the HRM works with the phone, it must be the watch.

    Talked to Garmin. Their customer support says they don’t guarantee that 3rd party sensors will work with their watch. That’s a really bad reply.


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      Same issue here. Worked in Oktober when i bought the 5X. Now, with new firmware no pairing possible. Poor performance Garmin!

      I´m coming from tracking my activities via smartphone (cyclemeter), it seems i´m spoiled by the software there. I´m on garmin connect now since 6 month and still not comfortable with it.

      How about to unlock my smartphone via bluetooth - every chinatracker for 10 dollars does this! At the moment I´m very disappointed.


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        After several days of waiting garmin support told me to go to to check compatible products. They don´t bother if it worked with older firmware when i bought the fenix. They sell high priced products with poor usability and they even don´t care their clients aftersale! In this case better watch out for Amazfit 2 !


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          TBH, I've always found bluetooth connections to the Garmin devices flaky. My understanding is that it is primarily a function of the number of active bluetooth connections you can have; more than one trying to connect to the watch and life gets interesting. As a consequence, I don't even bother anymore. Interesting that Garmin sent you to to check the compatibility of a BT strap!

          As a general rule, I now only connect Garmin stuff to Garmin stuff. That way you can be almost guaranteed that it will work. And of course, Garmin cannot tell you that they don't support it. Well they can try

          ANT+ has always worked well.


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            Originally posted by philipshambrook View Post
            Interesting that Garmin sent you to to check the compatibility of a BT strap!
            That one made me scratch my head!

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