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Auto LTHR with footpod

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  • Auto LTHR with footpod

    I bought a Garmin footpod and since then never got an auto LTHR. I did several runs with some time bellow LT and some time above and usually with GPS only that triggered an update. I was expecting a drop in vo2max but no problems in auto LTHR.

    I have the footpod with speed only and all the runs are outside. Does anyone has the same problem?


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    I currently have my Fenix 5 set up with Foot Pod Speed and a Distance set to Always and I have seen an aut detected LTHR offered to me at the end of a run; that was on 7.55 beta though and I know they have been tweaking LTHR in recent beta updates.
    Currently own: Fenix 5 Sapphire Black (QuickFit 22 bands: brown leather | black | amp yellow), RD Pod, Fenix 3 Grey, 2 x HRM Run (both gen 1), Scosche Rhythm+ OHR, FR bike mount and 2 x SDM4 foot pods | FR405cx with HRM2-SS | FR60 with HRM1 | Virb Basic
    Have owned: Fenix 2