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5X Sensor Cracks

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    Cracks are propagating as on the last one. I'm loathed to take this second one back to the store...but the crack has crossed the sensor now, which is when the last one started drastically under-reporting my heart rate. Already seeing signs of that - this morning I saw a sudden 12 point drop in RHR, checked the back and sure enough there's a crack right across the central element of the sensor (right-hand side of attached image).

    Knowing full well I'll have another broken watch in three months, I'm taking it back again. Not cool Garmin, please acknowledge your design/material selection error and put it right; this isn't some fun toy or gadget for me, I (and many others) rely on it for monitoring training load between races.

    To reiterate conditions of this device's failure:

    - Second watch of type I've owned (gold pins), received as exchange in February 2018 to replace September 2017 original (silver pins).
    - Never placed back-down on any surface, and I mean never! Placed face down on a towel every time, straps splayed so metal buckle doesn't touch the watch body, specifically to try and prevent cracks forming.
    - Worn 24/7 minus approx 3hrs a week for charging (face down, HRM-up, on a cloth).
    - Religiously, and thoroughly rinsed after pool and open water swims.
    - Never in contact with any moisturisers, lotions, sun tan cream etc. because I don't use any. Just sweat and skin.
    - Temperate climate on the west coast of Canada; never below 8?, never above 22?.
    - Mood of owner decreasing, in line with reported heart rate.
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      for what it is worth, my replacement is still free from any cracks.


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        I use sun screen, bug spray and its attached to that Garmin bike, watch holder for some rides, had it on there for some pretty gnarly root sections. I sweat like a pig at the moment because its hot and humid in Florida. So that's the bug spray, sweat and sun lotion all mixed up and under the watch when I ride with it on my wrist. I wash it daily with just normal soap and water. It sits on my desk, on its back when its charging. Not seen any cracks on sensor.

        Never seen any update from Garmin on what they think causes it but I think it would be nice to see something.


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          D2 Charlie with a cracking OHR. Mine must be one of the first D2 Charlie watches S/N 5CJ000829. I've emailed support to see what the next steps are.


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            I called into Garmin support - excellent as it was with my only other support experience. They located my email and image to the support email address and then they asked about which activities the watch was used for, if it was used for swimming and if I used any lotions etc. (yes, sunscreen counts but shouldn't affect it).

            Replacement authorized under warranty. Note that US support will do advanced replacement if you ask for it and put up a security deposit. They're not sure of stock levels for the D2 Charlie (system was being slow on their end) but hopefully all should process normally.