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Wearable for Ice Hockey??

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  • Wearable for Ice Hockey??

    So I have had this hair brain idea of tracking my HR and such for refereeing ice hockey. I found by search a user was using a chest strap to track HR. Logisitically, is there a HR strap that I can wear that will log the data and then transfer at the next sync so I do not risk damaging my watch? I thought I read before that that is how some of the swim tracking is done, depending on the brand and type of device.

    Any thoughts? Is it a pipe dream?

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    Both the tri and swim heart straps are designed as store and forward so they may work. However, not sure how likely you are to damage the watch anyway - then again I'm not a hockey ref.


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      I use the watch with a chest strap HRM during soccer. Since you aren't allowed to wear a watch in soccer, I find the quick-release band useful... I just remove the band and tie the watch to my shorts drawstring. Anyway, I guess what I'm saying is keep in mind if you don't want to wear the watch on your wrist but you need it to fit somewhere snug you can take the bands off easily.


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        i am concerned about the strap getting ripped off but after 7 games this weekend and 2 of them being a better level game no issues. I have a couple of way of protection to keep it from ripping off. yet impact is possible if I did take a pass or shot in the wrist.

        So the kick in the butt is that I am guessing metal buildings + gps = NFWay. One of my games said it was 6 miles of skating which is pretty hard to believe if the math worked properly of 160 lengths of ice.

        There is an ice skating category in the connect app. I started calling them indoor treadmill work so the mileage wouldn't overshadow the HR data.

        Gotta believe the HR data is correct with how I was feeling.

        Check out my skating activity on Garmin Connect. #beatyesterday


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          Originally posted by HockeyDave View Post
          One of my games said it was 6 miles of skating which is pretty hard to believe if the math worked properly of 160 lengths of ice.

          Might be plausible!
          What would that make your average speed? I know nothing about ice hockey so don't know how long the games are but if you were in constant motion for 45 mins to an hour it would be easily doable.
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            I have crashed my Huawei 2.0 watch, and my buddy crushed a Garmin so I have bought these


            They have a couple of magnets in them for holding screws, etc, but they are a double layer of heavy cordura that's already sewn into a watch covering strap, that won't hit the buttons. The Velcro is about 2" wide, so I don't think it'll ever come loose.

            If you were a little handy with your sewing kit, you could open up one side and slip in milk carton plastic, little piece of tin, foam, whatever you felt was warrantied to protect it.

            Since these things cost so much, 10 bucks is pretty cheap insurance.

            Not to mention you look like that guy with the wrist bands in the movie Dodge Ball.

            Your mileage may vary.