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    Originally posted by cpt_pickard View Post
    If I understand this correctly, I can define an "infinite" multisport
    Yes, sort of, although there is probably a technical limit to the number of repetitions.
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      Same here,

      I have a Fenix 5 (without X or S) and also miss a dedicated app for ski mountaineering.
      It's just stupid that Garmin is not willing to offer this. Instead we get apps for indoor weightlifting and indoor rowing and all this nonsense.
      Building a native app for this would probably need 2 hours of time for a Garmin programmer.
      I just don't understand this, because the ski touring/skimo community is really big and is from year to year growing. Garmin will miss a lot of customers if they just ignore this trend. So if you think logically, this is a trending sport where they could grab a lot of new customers, it's not just about satisfying the needs of existing customers, which would be also a good reason for doing that of course.

      Very disappointed with this kind of company policy.


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        Page 2 of this thread and it seems no one searches for 3rd party apps?

        This guy makes some great apps and has a ski touring one:


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          Any manually customized nor developed app will not work unless Garmin create Ski Touring as a new Activity type.
          Besides the listed above reasons, another is that in a mixed season you run and skitour, both. It is possible to skitour and xco ski. But the reports for climbed vertical meters or distance can not separate the activity type...
          Suunto provide such activity type. Sports tracker also.


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            Does Garmin have a user voice or any place where we can vote on new features?
            A ski touring activity would definitely be at the top of my list.


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              Great thread. I am a triathlete, big fan of the Fenix 3, and during the off season I do skiing and (more importantly) alpine touring to keep up the training. Heading tomorrow incidentally, and thus I googled how I could record this. I would imagine an AT activity along the lines discussed would be a popular addition by Garmin.

              Will try to create a hiking/skiing multisport as described. Thanks!