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  • Should I buy the 5X

    I am working in Qatar and starting to get fit. Returning to UK in few months when I will be excercising with machines, cycling and walking in Dorset Purbecks being semi retired. I would love the 5X for the maps and wifi. Looking on here there are still many bugs, should I go with the 5X, should I go with the cheaper (but smaller) 935 or should I consider another option. Peoples reports here really worry me as it's a lot of cash.Please help

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    IMHO it depends.
    In my view 5x is for people looking for adventures beyond fitness, such as navigation, etc, being my case as a mountain biker.
    The fact it has not only maps but allows custom maps, although still not allow showing several tracks to be showed at same time, makes it incomparable.
    If you are more an urban user you don´t have to spend that much.
    Don´t worry about bugs. They ALL have.



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      ?f you need maps, go for Fenix 5X. But if you don't need so much, go with something cheaper. I had Fenix 3 before my Fenix 5X and I wouldn't change it if F5X didn't have maps.


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        If you are a pure runner buy an Ambit3 Peak. In any other case buy a F5X with Foot Pod.
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          The 935 is smaller, lighter and cheaper, and has a longer battery life. The 5X has maps.

          I tend to the view that mapping on a wrist-sized screen is useless (at least it is for what I want to use maps for). Others find the feature invaluable. The 935 will still give you turn-by-turn directions on a pre-plotted course.

          If you think you will find the mapping useful, go the 5X. Otherwise, go the 935.

          At this stage (more than 6 months after release), most remaining bugs are pretty minor. And I suspect that much of the sturm und drang reported on the boards might be user error.


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            As said before, if you really want/need maps, take the 5x. If not, take the 935.
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              Thanks all for the advice, all taken onboard.

              My big concern is that the 5X has more bugs than the 935 as it has the additional features etc but maybe I am wrong.

              I am considering whether to forego the maps which I really want if I can get the 935 with wifi but avoid the bugs.

              Advice seems to be that the bugs are now minor which is good. Does anyone know whether the 935 suffers from the self same problems as the 5X or whether the 5X is buggy because of the different footprint and functionality.

              If the 935 gives me exactly the same bugs the I will go for the 5X.

              Thanks again for the advice so far.



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                Don't forget that forums (fora?) tend to be full of people complaining about bugs. Very few folks spend their spare time logging on to a web site to write "today my device worked as I expected, and yesterday it did the same. Tomorrow I'm going to keep a close eye on it to confirm my expectation that it will probably again do what it is meant to do". Have a look at the 935 forum to see if you can find posts about the barometer, about the heart rate, about blue tooth, about the GC integration, about...

                It's the nature of the beast. We pay a lot of money for a tool, and we (rightly!) want it to be perfect. When it's not, many of us go online to seek validation of our unhappiness. Conversely, when it does perform as expected, we just get on with our lives.


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                  They are brilliant.. the maps are really useful if you fell run or walk in unknown terrain. You can plan courses on your mobile and upload them.. use it for cycling, swimming yoga, even the battery life is good..! I’m a fan.. if you’re walking in the uk use the map from talky toaster, it has all the contours on.


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                    Thanks for all the advice. I can buy the Fenix 5X for £500 and the Forerunner 935 for £400. I will wait until black Friday to see if there are any real bargains and then try on the 5X and if not too monstrously large will go that way. If it is too big and heavy I will go for the 935

                    thanks again


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                      Hi Brian,

                      I own a Fenix 5x and my sister a Forerunner 935, so I've tried them both. I use the 5x for hiking, running, and Road&MTB-cycling. I love the maps with navigation feature and having it on your wrist or mounted on the handlebar under all weather conditions.

                      I prefer the 5x because of its buildquality and size over the 935. It is a more masculine looking watch compared to the 935, in my opinion. Yes, it is a few grams heavier, but I barely notice the weight. Now this is trivial, but you do notice the watch a bit more when wearing a thick sweater and a jacket as the watch is pressed against the top of your wrist. Now winter is here in Norway, and I sometimes wish the watch bezel was a bit thinner or the temperature outside a bit higher.

                      In terms of bugs and Firmware, My watch is working without the bugs I currently read about here on this forum-section (version 6.00). The firmware is basically the same, I think. Maybe even 5x applicable code is on the the 935-watch. If you notice, the whole 5-series and the 935 have the same betatest version. So I believe that software-wise, the bugs that do not involve maps-features, are present on all the watches.

                      (Tip on these forums. If you are worried about a particular bug, ask the people who mention it what firmware they have installed on their watch. I've read threads where they have installed a beta version and still make noise as if the firmware was a "final" version released to the public. I also must admit, that Garmin Software are sometimes work in progress, and it is not uncommon that new bugs on previously working features slip under Garmin's radar and appear out of nowhere. Therefor never rush to install new updates, before reading what early adopters have to say.)

                      Cheers and best of luck with your purchase. They are both very good watches.

                      - Jim
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                        Hi Brian

                        I absolutely recommend the Fenix 5X. I changed from an other brand to Garmin, this is so far the best sport watch I ever had. Only problem I had was the "cable issue", Garmin replaced the watch within 3 working days, was quite impressed by their support.
                        Just be sure to get the "European" version before you go back to UK, the preloaded maps are awesome, very detailed, with all trails I used so far. For trips outsied Europe you can still download free maps from



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                          Thanks again for the extra advice guys, much appreciated.

                          schneeleopard , can I ask why I need to get the European version. I was thinking if it was not european I would be able to change the base map and other maps to make it european. I can order from the UK and pay less VAT but I prefer to buy in in Qatar so that I canreturn it with and small issues that may arise soon after purchase. I will research the maps issue further.