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Large Blue Garmin Logo Issue

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  • Large Blue Garmin Logo Issue

    On the way home tonight the watch buzzed, I looked at the watch face and all I saw was a large Garmin logo. It was the size of the screen and stayed displayed for about 30 seconds, I pressed the back button and nothing happened, so I waited until I arrived home, some 20 minutes later.

    Pressed the back button again and nothing happened, so I pressed the menu button and it vanished.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this before?

    I've had a Fenix 3 before this and never seen anything like this.
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    Sounds like a crash and reboot. Plug the watch into a computer and look in the Debug folder. If there is an ERR_LOG then attach it to your message. Hopefully someone from Garmin can have a look.


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      Thanks for the info, I could only upload the .txt file, the .bin file was rejected at the upload stage


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        Immediately following a crash it is possible to generate a ram file too which might be of use to the dev team.

        If you do see a device crash, please do the following steps.
        After the device comes back up do the following:
        1. Go to Menu -> Settings -> About
        2. Press the Light key repeatedly until the hidden menu appears
        3. Select Save RAM region.
        4. Retrieve the RAM.bin file from the Debug folder.


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          The file looks too small, like it didn?t capture any information. Not sure that?s going to tell Garmin anything, sorry.


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            Thanks for the tips, created that RAM file but not sure how to get that to the Dev team, it's 31MB in size...... Any ideas on how to get that to Garmin?