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  • Distorted Menu Dividers

    Hi All,
    This is the first post on forum so I hope I get this right. I recently bought this watch and think it is awesome. Out of the box it did a software update which was fine but just recently it updated to Version 6. No real problems but I have noticed that one of the horizontal lines on the initial menu has become corrupt. It is noticeable about 10 times wider than the rest and appears as a very fuzzy grey line rather than sharp black thin line.

    Just a bit annoying, I have flashed the watch back to v5.10 and have done a master reset but it still is corrupt. Flashed it back to v6.00 and no different.

    Is there available a display file *.bin or *.gcd for this watch or can anybody advise on a way to sort this. It was fine before the v6.00 update as handled by the Garmin Express software.

    Cheers in advance


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    I've noticed something similar on the "Quick Menu" (not sure what it is called), which is activated by pressing the Up arrow key when you enter an activity but before you actually start an activity.

    For running, for example, the Quick Menu gives you access to your workouts/Training Calendar/Navigation/Courses/etc.

    The dividers between items on that quick menu is non-existent. Actually pretty hard to distinguish between the items (i.e. which item you focused on).


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      hi Andy,

      you mean this line between "Remove App" and "History"?


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        Originally posted by Robert_Kirr View Post
        hi Andy,

        you mean this line between "Remove App" and "History"?
        I guess, that's how it is supposed to be. "Bold" grey line separates menu items with different category.
        My CIQ watch faces:


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          Yep that's the one except mine is between Clock and History. Did that happen after the v6 update or has it been there since you have owned the watch?


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            yes, I have also between Clock and History if I enter the settings from watch face.

            it is between the specific menu from the widget, watch face, activity you enter the settings and the general menu - History, Settings beeing always on the bottom, after the tick gray line.

            I'm now in 5.10, rollback from 6.00, as you are.
            but I'm pretty much sure was there.
            to me looks good.

            just me,
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              Hey guys,

              Those that have gone back to v5.10, please did you do it by simply putting the System_Backdate_v510 the GUPDATE.GCD file to the /Garmin directory on the Fenix as described here:

              Did you perform any backup of existing data and/or restore anything afterwards?

              Thank you


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                Yes just copied the file into the Garmin directory. I had nothing to backup but I just synced my activities with Garmin Connect first. If you do revert back dont forget to turn Auto Update off on the watch. Software Update is in watch menu, Settings > System > Software Update > Auto Update = off