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GPS accuracy very bad !!

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  • GPS accuracy very bad !!


    Tried yesterday the GPS for the first time (GPS + Galileo) and I was very disappointed but the quality of the trace. I am in Paris so in city but I ve never a so bad GPS. In the same area, my Ambit 2 is perfect and following my route but with the Fenix 5X plus, I have more than 40 meters error sometimes !!

    I can't understand how a watch costing 4 times a GPS watch can be so bad !! Is there something to do ? I sync it with Garmin connect mobile to have last sat data.

    May be it can be a technical problem with the watch... Is there a widget to check GPS accuracy ?


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    Try Just GPS......or GPS and GLONASS.
    I've had similar results with my 5x using GALILEO,
    as its still in its infancy,and not fully operational yet....but more birds will be up and running in the hopefully should just get better with time.
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      Also if it is your first time using the GPS you might not know that you need to wait for a fix before starting an activity. Select the activity you wish to use and wait until the GPS reports as ready before pressing start again. I commonly wait a bit longer after the gps says it is ready while the fix imoroves.


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        Ok, I will try to use just GPS... I bought this watch because it was compatible with Galileo, well done with your marketing Garmin

        nmyeti, I started the activity when I had the fix, the ring was green. It was the first time and the fix was caught quickly but I starded as soon as the ring was green. Is there something more to do ?

        On Fenix 1, we had a bar graph of sats but it seems it not yet here on Fenix 5X plus. It was very usefull to see GPS status in detail.


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          The other thing to note (with any handheld GPS device) is that on first use it usually takes up to 15 minutes for the watch to capture the GPS almanac data. It’ll still record a position without this data, but is far more prone to position error when the signal becomes weak (as it does in the “urban canyons” of cities). If you can, try recording a 20 minute activity without moving and with a clear view of the sky (discard the activity after). This is normal practice after a factory reset of a device; although most people don’t notice as the almanac data is captured during their first activity and they don’t inspect the GPS track that closely.


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            Same city (Paris) Same watch (5X+) Zero issue with the GPS accuracy and I use GPS + Galileo !!

            Peut être que tu as une unité défectueuse? Garmin est à Nanterre et ils sont de bons conseils au niveau du SAV. ;-)
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              Here are some traces : On some part of the trace I am just in the opposite side of the GPS



              Merci Nemo. J'ai de gros doutes effectivement, je me demande si ma montre ne souffre pas d'un défaut...


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                Je ne pense pas que tu aies de problème, ce sont les "canyons" urbains qui bluffent la réception. :-)
                Been using GPS on my wrist since the first Casio in 2000: the city's canyon are playing with some "echoes".
                The worst places are Manhattan or La Defense with huge flat mirror building faces which can make your GPS going completely mad !!

                Essaye le "Lock On Road" quand tu es en ville.
                But in our hausmanian canyon Garmin should work on an algorythm using the speed and the bearing.
                Like a car's GPS actually to avoid "anomalies" in the tracks. When we run we are not using teleportation after all... ;-)
                Try "Lock on Road" it can draw the track better by gluing your run on the road.
                Try to wear both watches (Suunto and Garmin) on the same wrist and compare the tracks.
                They are usually the same.

                (Remove the three star at the end of the link

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                  Effectivement, j'ai pas mal de grandes tours autour de moi... Mais mes autres GPS se comportaient mieux. Merci pour ton feedback !

                  Do you know how to activate the "Lock on road" ? I didn't find this option on Garmin connect.


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                    You have to set it directly on the watch. Settings -> Maps -> Lock on Roads


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                      It’s not available in contact, it is available for ach app in the app settings on the watch: choose an app>app settings>map> configure maps

                      Or as a general setting for all apps: settings>map
                      In use: fenix 5x, oregon 550t


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                        Originally posted by falconeye75 View Post
                        Effectivement, j'ai pas mal de grandes tours autour de moi... Mais mes autres GPS se comportaient mieux. Merci pour ton feedback !

                        Do you know how to activate the "Lock on road" ? I didn't find this option on Garmin connect.
                        High towers ? Don't look any further ! Trust me high flat tower are playing with GPW reception creating "teleporting" behaviors.
                        If you still got your previous models, try both watches on the same wrist (it's important) and compare how the tracks are drawn on both. :-)


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                          Oui, les grandes tours du 13eme

                          Thanks for your help, I didn't know I had to deactivate system parameters for the map to have the option appearing. I will try with it.


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                            Originally posted by jhonzatko View Post
                            You have to set it directly on the watch. Settings -> Maps -> Lock on Roads
                            I was not aware that the lock on road option would affect the gps position recording of the watch - only impacting the cursor on the map screen. At least this was the case for F5X, did this change with F5X+?


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                              I have the Fenix 3 HR and it is completely incapable of registering distance accurately. I have checked it against surveyed points over a period of 18 months many times and it fails consistently and is off by 10%! It also keeps registering distance when you stop walking. I was going to get a 5 but I see that registering distance accurately still has Garmin stumped on their watch devices. My bike (1000) and hiking (Oregon) Garmin devices register distance very well. Not sure what the watch problem is.