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  • Interval training

    I have been looking for an easy way to do interval training.
    The build in feature in the fenix is working fine, but it has its limitation.

    I am training for MAX HR so I want to be able to see this, same time as I can see the countdown.
    And it also seems like the pace indicator is reacting slow, so I want instant pace from my Stryd.

    I want to do 400 meter, with 2 min rest. 15 reps and with warm-up and cool cooldown.

    Does anyone have a tip how to set this up with data screen, or a good app?

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    Create a Workout here and send to watch


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      Thanks, but dosent that do the same as the "Do interval"?

      The feature is working fine, except I want live HR and pace, without having to swap between screens


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        No, it does not do the same as Do Interval. You have far more extensive options. I use it every day.


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          You were right!

          With some modification, this should work fine for my need.


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            I use workout builder


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                How do you import that to you watch?

                For me, a mayor fallback on the build in training is that Garmin is using "step pace". For a interval or HIIT I am not interested in average pace over xxx meters or time, but I want instant readings.


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                  With the final surge app You start garmin connect on Your phone and start the app final surge on the fenix 5. You are asked to download workouts (4 day ahead)., when done You select the cativity type; run, treadmill...