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  • intensity minutes to ignore OHR

    Does anyone know if it's possible to setup intensity minutes to only use and count HR elevation when using a HR strap rather than the optical heart rate? I only ask because the inconsistency of my OHR sometimes results in my HR spiking when it isn't and then intensity minutes go up without me doing any work.

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    If you think the OHR is inconsistent to a point where it messes up your intensity minutes, then I suggest turning it off, because its general use in this case is questionable. I think there is no way to set up intensity minutes to use only strap HR other than turning OHR off.
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      It's not often where I find it bumped up and staying at 130+ bpm when it should be around 50-60 but it does happen and does affect the minutes. Want to keep it otherwise as it's pretty good for resting heart rate and sleep. Yeah there doesn't appear to be a setting to opt for HRM strap only.