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Not software upgrading : how to do that ?

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  • Not software upgrading : how to do that ?

    I'm very frustrated with Garmin software update. My watch Fenix 5 Sapphire worked very fine with 6.0 software version.
    Altimeter is very good. The watch was very fast when I clicked buttons.

    Since automatically update 7.0, the watch works slowly (when I clicked buttons), the altimeter shows more variability with barometer and watch mode in Auto mode.
    I think that software updating takes some ameliorations but also create other problems.

    Grrrr Garmin developpers. How to stop update software !!!!

    Why not leave choice for the customer to install or not update?

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    Just downgrade to v6.0.
    After then:
    - open file "GarminDevice.xml" (found in Garmin folder on your watch)
    - change the version number in string "<SoftwareVersion>xxx</SoftwareVersion>" to e.g. "<SoftwareVersion>999</SoftwareVersion>"

    Now automatic update function will not work until v10 will be released...

    fenix 5 Al2O3 & HRM-RUN4
    Forerunner 630 (sold)
    Forerunner 230 (returned)



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      Go to Settings -> System -> Software Update and change Auto Update to Off


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        I noticed similar problems with Altimeter after upgrading to 7.0. While at home it went up to 1700m for no apparent reason.

        What is the process to downgrade to a previous version?



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          Downgrading a Fenix 5(x):

          1) connect your watch to you PC and make a full content backup (save the whole content to your PC)

          2) download the right firmware for your watch from
          (notice: you've to download beta firmware because only them contains "downgrade-firmwares")

          3) go into folder Garmin from your watch and delete the complete content in this folder

          4) put the firmware recover image file "GUPDATE.gcd" into the Garmin folder and disconnect your watch

          5) after downgrade, restart and setup of user details on your watch, connect it to your PC and restore from your backup according to this guide

          Structure of a Fenix 5(x) Beta-Firmware-Zip-File:
          Attached Files

          fenix 5 Al2O3 & HRM-RUN4
          Forerunner 630 (sold)
          Forerunner 230 (returned)



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            I have Fenix 5, in 7.0, and have the altimeter problem light to many people... Garmin already replaced my previous Fenix for same problem, like the new one. Goes from current altitude to -700m or +3500 meters for example.

            I need precision for downgrade procedure, because I tried with 6.0 and 5.40 but I'm still in 7.0 :
            Do I have to rename desired .gcd file into GUPDATE.gcd?
            After paste, reboot then hardreset both needed?
            Which version could you advise for trying to solve my altimeter problem?

            Thanks for help

            Edit: I hadn't read that only beta files haev downgrade capability... so It works and seems to solve my issue for 15 min ( to be continued...) with 5.30 Beta version. I haven't tried other ones.
            Last edited by Devrard; 12-15-2017, 02:23 PM.


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              Thank you very much everyone for your answers. Very useful for me.
              Problem solved.

              For Devrard.
              Settings> Captors&accessories> Barometer > Watch mode > Auto
              Try to stay at the same altitude for few hours and watch if your altitude is fine and unchanging.
              For me software 6.0 was great but if I think 7.0 is slowest, the altitude is very correct for the two softwares (+ ou - 10 m for the worst conditions).
              Atmospheric pressure is very good in all cases for this watch.

              It s very strange that you have another problem with new watch.
              Do you follow Chimcen procedure for downgrade your software ?

              ***Before downgrading, don't forget to bakup all files/folders when watch is connected to the PC***


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                Hi chimecan I need to do this too but do i just copy the file from that system backdate folder you you have attached..

                im a bit scared to delete the contents of the garmin folder , is that really needed, i would of thought i would need to go in the newfiles folder.

                can you advise why the full contents need deleting ..



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                  Need to go back to 6.1