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Round trip course creation for a remote location start/finish point

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  • Round trip course creation for a remote location start/finish point

    Good afternoon all,
    Just getting used to the fenix5 Plus's hiking and navigation modes, particularly around course creation. A few questions if i may:
    i) If i am planning a weekend hike and rough camp, but want to get an idea of where to start out, can i ask it to plan a 20mi loop starting from a particular location (e.g. selected from the map, or via a Saved Location)? From what i can tell, you can only create such courses from your current location, but perhaps i am wrong. I would basically like to be able to decide where i head to start out, based on the fenix's suggested routes.
    ii) Is there an element of randomness in the courses it creates and suggests, subject to them being based on popular routes? Or if you start in the same place, you'll get the same suggestions each time?
    iii) Can you select how many suggestions it makes? I see 3 being generated at the moment.
    Many thanks indeed.

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    i) Not tried that but sounds like an interesting feature.
    ii) My perception is that the routes are not so much 'random' but based on the distance you desire and available routes based on popularity and routable tracks.
    iii) Not aware that there is an option anywhere to specify a number of routes. However, generally speaking there is only a finite number of routes that can be generated. I've usually managed to get at least 1, but when chasing down some more urban routes, I have had 5.