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    I have a question concerning the Fenix 5+. As far as I know, navigation is possible. So I can start a run or a bike tour and the watch will navigate me to my destination (tells me for example "go right in 3 kilometers" and shows me the map like on a TomTom).

    Are the routes the same like on an edge device (for example edge 820)? Because one advantage of Garmin edge navigation in comparison with google maps is that the routes are better, both navigation bring you to your destination but with garmin you experience more beautifoul routes like with the freeware google maps. Is there also a possibility on F5+ to choose if I want navigation for running, road bike or mountain bike? Because with road bike I want to go by bycicle path and with mountainbike I want to go through the woods....

    And is there a connection to phone necessary while navigating?

    Thank you in advance!
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    I have used the navigation on my fenix 5+ for many bike rides. It does give good turn-by-turn navigation with a map image indicating the turn...just like an automotive GPS.

    In most cases, I have planned my route in advance; built it using the 'courses' feature in Garmin Connect; and then sent the course to the watch for use on the ride. However, once I did need to abort the ride and just navigate back to start. Aside from some early issues with a Beta version of the watch software, this has worked really well. When routing directly from the watch, there is an option to use 'popularity routing' which plans your route based upon where most riders go. So, in theory, these would be the "more beautiful routes" I think you are looking for.

    On a side note.. If you are following a course that you loaded into the watch, you can have the watch either 'follow course' or 'use map'. The latter will give you nice turn-by-turn directions similar to an automotive GPS unit. With the 'follow course' option, the watch only gives a small toast message with an arrow indicating when it is almost time to turn. Both work well, but give a totally different experience.

    I also use a 520+ and would say it's the same navigation functionality. It's just on a smaller screen.

    I have not used navigation for running, but am sure it is the same as for cycling.

    You do not need your phone to navigate. This can all be done directly from the watch. However, you can use your phone to import a course and download it to the watch very quickly. I have done this for a group ride minutes before we departed. One of the riders emailed the course to me. I sent it to Garmin Connect Mobile. I set it as a Bike course. I then sent it to the watch. It worked great.


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      GARMIN Explore works fine with the 5+ especially if you have routable maps for running and cycling. Also use Basecamp on Mac or PC to create routes to send to the device. Enjoying the ability to identify routes in unknown areas using the watch too. Back to start works bey well too. Bear in mind that only mapped or well used trails will be identified.


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        Ok, thank you!