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Swim metric graphs not showing in connect APP

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  • Swim metric graphs not showing in connect APP

    Just completed my first swim since updating to 6.0. The iPhone App does not give me the detail graphs for pace, strokes, and swolf? The data is there under the summary and the graphs show on connect website, but they are not showing on the app?? The only graph I have is HR from the HR SWIM.

    Dont know if this is an issue with Fenix firmware or iPhone app.

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    Mine from this morning -



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      I've got a picture of the graphs too. But I can't get it posted

      Something awry with your device? iPhone app? Need more info. OW or pool swim? iPhone? iOS? GM?


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        Everything seems to be working normal. It was a pool swim in a 25 M pool. It is an iPhone app running latest software version. Attached is an image from the iPhone app. This is all I see on the app. Attached is also the graphs from garmin connect website. As you can see the data is there and was recorded by the watch. Maybe it was just an sync issue that morning?


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          Happens sometimes. Sometimes best to see if it repeats before reporting a problem. Unless of course someone has already reported similar.

          I am jealous though that you managed to get to images uploaded. Best frustrating sometimes trying to get stuff posted. I do wish Garmin would get the bulletin board sorted!


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            I actually noticed a thread in Garmin Connect App category. Looks like it is a wide issue. Here it is if you are curious: