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    Hello all,

    I decided to do a factory reset after two of my activities were not normally saved, but "noticed by Move IQ instead'.
    During the factory reset I am asked if I want to keep activity data and music on the watch, which I decided to choose for.

    I had 4 floors climber and 915 steps on the watch before the reset.
    After the reset, the watch shows 0 floors climbed and 0 steps, kind of a bummer after reading that the watch can remember the activity.

    I kept a closer look at the stepcount.
    All steps on the watch, from 0 until 915 are NOT shown on Garmin Connect and from step 916 they are 'in sync' again showing the same result. So actually the steps until the reset were forgotten in Garmin connect.
    I also watched the floorcount. As being sure that the result would be the same, I climbed 5 stairs and watch the result. Surely, the watch will show 5 floors climbed, but Garmin Connect will show 9.

    So where's the logic?

    I presume the intensity minutes will take the step count logic as I do not see any change to the amount Garmin Connect has from before the reset.

    Would have been nice though, if the watch would have received the 'not forgotten' amount of steps, floors etc. from Garmin Connect during first connection of the watch after reset.