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Slow GPS acquisition

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  • Slow GPS acquisition

    Every since the latest & greatest software update; My watch has been taking several minutes to find satellites. This happens regularly. And sometimes even right after I have already found satellites.

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    FYI Ver: 9.00


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      Hi K_Dawg ,

      Can you please tell me what was the procedure of syncing your watch till now ? Through wifi or USB ? Have you been getting updated EPO through wifi ?


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        I update and sync via USB with Garmin Express. What also seems odd is when I disconnect from the computer my fenix 3 displays: "updating" for about 30 seconds. Same thing happens if I reconnect and disconnect again right away.


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          Do a master reset and setup everything by manually. I had the same/similar issue (i had lock (sometimes very slow on oper air ) and a few secs later it dropped and needed a min again to lock, or showed that the lock is complete, the ring was green, there were location coordinates also , i started to ride, and the watch didnt record any GPS coordinates