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Trail run app reinstalled acts like Run app

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  • Trail run app reinstalled acts like Run app


    Recently I needed to delete the default Trail Run application on my Fenix 3 HR. After I reinstalled it choosing trail run as a profile I see that whenever I choose Trail Run it acts like I have started Run application. Meaning it calculates performance conidition, VO2Max, etc. After syncing the activity it reads Running as well in the title of the activity and not Trail Running. My question is how can I get back my Trail Run default app. This seems like a nasty bug which messes all your stats when you go for a trail run.

    Thanks in advance

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    Here is a same issue I found in the forum - . Does anyone know the resolution to this problem\bug without resetting the whole watch? The post is from 2013 and it will be a shame if this bug is around that long.