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Trail run app reinstalled acts like Run app

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  • Trail run app reinstalled acts like Run app


    Recently I needed to delete the default Trail Run application on my Fenix 3 HR. After I reinstalled it choosing trail run as a profile I see that whenever I choose Trail Run it acts like I have started Run application. Meaning it calculates performance conidition, VO2Max, etc. After syncing the activity it reads Running as well in the title of the activity and not Trail Running. My question is how can I get back my Trail Run default app. This seems like a nasty bug which messes all your stats when you go for a trail run.

    Thanks in advance

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    Here is a same issue I found in the forum - . Does anyone know the resolution to this problem\bug without resetting the whole watch? The post is from 2013 and it will be a shame if this bug is around that long.


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      Anyone can help? It is really frustrating not to have trail run. I will appreciate any help on the issue. Thanks in advance.


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        As you're aware, there is no way to reinstall the Trail Run app using the UI on the watch. There's a couple things you could try. Restore Defaults (Settings --> System --> Restore Defaults) might recover it. That may have other consequences that you don't desire. If that doesn't work I would connect your watch to a PC and navigate to the SPORTS folder. The Trail Run app should be named 1RTRAIL there. I would rename your current Trail Run app to that within the SPORTS folder. I would have to have a visual of your SPORTS folder to suggest what file that would be but hopefully it should be obvious. If that doesn't work (as in there are actual field level data protocols that identify Trail Run behavior) I could send you a copy of a 1RTRAIL file to install in your SPORTS folder.


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          Thanks for the reply. I do not want to reset my watch. I tried renaming 1RRUN.FIT to 1RTRAIL.FIT but it did not work. When I started a trail run and then synced it was a run again. Also when connected my watch to the PC 1RTARIL.FIT was renamed to 1RRUN.FIT again. Can you please send me the copy of the SPORTS folder to [email protected] and also some pointers. I am attaching a screenshot of my SPORTS folder.

          Thanks in advance.
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            Sent you a Trail fit file and some instructions but not sure that I can really help. I'm a little confused on what you're trying to accomplish. My interpretation was that you were trying to recover your Trail Run app. Then you indicated that you renamed your Run app. What? That seems dangerous. Then you started a Trail Run and it behaved the same way. Wouldn't you have expected that? Anyway, good luck and hopefully you can get the resolution that you're looking for! Seems straight forward enough but I would always recommend doing file backups before making any system modifications.


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              Hi deeter26_2,

              Thanks for your help. I got the SPORTS folder from another Fenix 3 HR user and examined it. It turns out that the trail run app is 0RTRAIL.FIT which I was missing. Once I copied it to my SPORTS folder it appeared under Apps on my Fenix 3 HR. I tested it and it really acts like a trail run.
              As for renaming my run app I was just following blindly the instructions that the trail run app should be named 1RTRAIL.FIT and in my watch it was 1RRUN.FIT so I renamed my 1RRUN.FIT to 1RTRAIL.FIT.
              Anyways all is fine now and working correctly. It is good to know for other users too that once you delete the trail run app there is no way to recover it back(well, except factory reset). One should copy the xRTRAIL.FIT (where x is a number) from SPORTS folder from another Fenix 3 HR user.
              Thanks again for the help and pointers. It helped me resolve the issue I had.


              P.S. I did not get your email. Are you sure you sent it to [email protected] ?


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                Glad that you got it all sorted out! I guess the lesson learned is - Don't delete the Trail Run app since it's a bit of a pain to recover it. I'm not even certain that restoring defaults would do the trick (and not about to test ). The 'X' in the file name should correspond to the sort order. Examining your Sports folder I think that you could delete the 17RTRAI file since it's the Trail Run app that isn't behaving as 'Trail'. Sorry my initial email didn't make it to you but glad that you found another user to assist!