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  • Originally posted by factsworks View Post here is my test polar RC3GPS vs fenix 2 mode 1s and intelligent ....f2 FW 4.30 GPS 3.30...winner is Polar , next f2 intelligent mode , then f2 -1 secod.
    Why don't you use the latest software version 4.40?



    • I did one run with a three unit (gpx files):

      Fenix 2 - 12,7km (in the beginning gps jumped around, but AUTO-LAPS had same amount shift)
      Forerunner 305 - 12,2km
      Edge 705 - 12,3km (I kept in hand)
      Forerunner 60+ footpod - 12,5km

      Completely clear sky, no clouds. I ran on the left side of the road. Fenix 2 not bad. Forerunner 305 was the most accurate (bigger antenna, and is always on top), but slightly shifted.

      sn: 3N2006xxx (but there are other problems with software)

      I discovered that the fr305 somehow interferes the HRM-RUN signal. It does not work with the new belt, but Fenix 2 and FR60 pulse is incorrect while fr305 is searching HRM (smooth rise). If I turn off the fr305 HRM searching, then everything is ok (tried this several times).
      (FR 920, Edge 705, FR 305, FR 60)


      • and here is fenix 2 intelligent mode FW 4.30 , GPS 3.30 vs Suunto Ambit 2S and Polar RC3GPS.. The winner of the Suunto, next Polar RC3GPS , but Fenix 2 intelligent is also well, F2 mode one second is not so good ... profile walk my advice is to use intelligent F2 mode for more accurate measurement ... 1 second interval for running.
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        • 3N2061774
          Was working fine but suddenly it's out by 300m on a 5km run


          • 3N2071139
            Good accuracy, in general is fine. I am not satisfied with the speed, looks like it needs a long time to calculate speed, so there is a serious lag in showing the actual speed. I have a Forerunner610 and it's fast, like a second or two delay. Fenix2 needs like 10 seconds to calculate speed, so you see the speed with 10 seconds delay. I compared the Fenix with Forerunner610 and the gps on the phone, always so much delay and also the speed value is lower.


            • S/N 3N2060192 : VERSION 4.40, GPS VERSION 3.30, UNIT ID : 3891898712 : PARIS FRANCE : WAAS ON

              Tracking does not seem accurate to me. On 400m open air track offsets of what appear to be more than 15/20 meters. OUCH ! but distance seems accurate - 1 lap = 400m.
              I have pretty much the same results no matter where I run.