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  • Fenix2 and tunnels

    I'm running in a marathon this fall that has a mile long stretch underground through a tunnel, and I'm concerned about what my Fenix 2 will do in this scenario. I read in the 910xt forum that the 910xt will keep reading in tunnels with a footpod. Does the Fenix2 do this also? Will it keep recording distance using the just the accelerometer if I don't have a footpod?

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    I have no idea what happens then! Maybe can you give it a try out and let us know, as it'd be interesting to know how it handles it! I mean, it's spose to handle running on a treadmill with just the watch to work it out, let alone if it has a footpod.

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      My experience so far is that there is no automatic switching from GPS to Footpod if GPS signal is lost. It would be great if it worked that way, but I fear it does not.

      Footpod must be turned on and activated at the beginning of an activity. If the Footpod is used as the data source for the entire run, then it should work whether inside a tunnel or not, but unless the Footpod is chosen at the beginning of the activity, it will not automatically "kick in" in the event of GPS signal loss.



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        I have the HRM run HR monitor and my watch continuous to record pace and distance in a tunnel.
        In the tunnel you will get a notification that signal was lost.
        Not sure whether the watch accelerator or the HR monitors accelerator is used, but no footpod is required.


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          Can confirm. I had a run in Prague with a tunnel, GPS signal lost, tracking went on, distance is correctly captured. If you have it in the "Player" on map the points are on the same location (somewhere in the tunel) for a number of reading, but distance goes on on the chart and pace seems also OK. Getting out the tunnel it has a big jump in elevation, but I guess this is an inacurate measurment as GPS signal comes back. Signal cames back rather fast, no 10m from tunnel end, but this tunnel was much smaller, than yours going to be.

          You can test in anyway, need just to cover your watch during run as see what happens. What I would check is, what if you make turns and so on, as my tunnel was straight and I was running a constant pace, so I would check with turns and change in pace for being sure...
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