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Next generation of the D2 pilot watch series

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    I now know that the next Garmin pilot watch is based off of the Fenix 5X and that it's called the "D2 Charlie" but I can't confirm that this new pilot watch will be announced tomorrow. Of course, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the 2 year release pattern along with the use of the phonetic alphabet.

    And while I have seen pictures, I won't be posting anything as no one wants the wrath of Garmin brought down on them. But since the D2 Charlie is based on the 5X, the watch is 51x51mm and comes with the sapphire crystal lens, 26mm QuickFit band, a fiber-reinforced polymer case and a built-in wrist-based heart rate monitor. The bezel and the backing, however, are titanium which is an upgrade from the 5X. The buttons are also different from the 5X, modified to match what we are used to on the D2 Bravo; the Garmin logo on the start button is replaced with the stylized direct to "D->" icon, the back button is the nearest logo and the three buttons on the left side are engraved with the power, menu and clock icons just like the previous model. Oh, and the little red ring on the D2/start button is switched to a green-ish colour.

    Based on pricing of the 5X I'm guessing this will be *over* $1000 USD, so as to not cannibalize sales of the the old D2 Bravo watches (the D2B Titanium is $899 USD).

    And finally, I'll admit I'm quite sad as I had secretly hopped that the D2 Charlie would be another year in release. Based on the lack of updates to the original D2 when the D2 Bravo was released, this probably means the end of any development for the D2 Bravo. If there are any further D2 Bravo updates, I'd surprised if it is anything other than minor fixes.

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      There you have it: D2 Charlie


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        I ordered one 3-5 weeks for delivery seems to be a nice upgrade. The screen being color will be a nice change\from the d2 bravo titanium grey scale.